To connect you with your own brain data so you can be empowered on your path to improved mental health.


We envision a world in which brain health is visible and accessible - empowering everyone to reach their full potential for health and well-being.

Meet Our Team

Ashleigh Kennedy Headshot

Ashleigh Kennedy,
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Kennedy Headshot

Matthew Kennedy,
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Brent Anderson Headshot

Brent Anderson,
Chief Operating Officer

Lou Pino Headshot

Lou Pino,
Chief Innovation Officer

Mark Campbell Headshot

Mark Campbell,
Lead Data Scientist

Heather van Staalduinen Headshot

Heather van Staalduinen,
Chief Marketing Officer

Noreen Khan Headshot

Noreen Khan,
Business Development Representative

Patrick Leckey

Patrick Leckey,
Chief Technology Officer

Marwan Elkholy Headshot

Marwan Elkholy,
Head of Software & Privacy Officer

Justin Berry Headshot

Justin Berry,
Software Developer

Yvonne Danyluck Headshot

Yvonne Danyluck,
Lead Service Designer

Nikoo Yekebash Headshot

Nikoo Yekebash,
UX/UI Designer

Huma Abrar Headshot

Huma Abrar,
Office Manager

Whitney Owens Headshot

Whitney Owens,
Grants & Contributions Officer

Mark Kowalski Headshot

Mark Kowalski,
Chartered Professional Accountant