Pacing your activities, whether physical or cognitive, can have a significant impact on your daily fatigue and energy levels. Too often though, we push past our limits, whether driven by hustle culture or the idiom "no pain, no gain". While these can be great motivators for accomplishing goals, they can also be counterintuitive and actually make us less productive, as we feel mentally and physically drained. The Neurovine App can help with technology that monitors your energy exertion levels and provides guidance to help you pace yourself.

Two Neurovine Sensorbands and Phones


Do you ever wonder how hard your brain is actually working? THINK, from Neurovine, will tell you. Paired with your EEG Sensorband, this feature keeps tabs on your brain energy levels and tells you when to take a break. You can set your brain energy limit and receive a notification when it’s time to rest. Say hello to lower stress levels and an effective way to manage your cognitive fatigue. With 24/7 access to your brain data and real-time brain energy monitoring in an easy, accessible app, you'll have visibility into your brain health. You can also share this data with your healthcare provider via email.



Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It's important to pace ourselves as we grow in our physical training and capabilities. The app pairs with our partners to help monitor and pace your physical activity, allowing you to grow steadily and healthily.



You’ve done the work, and you've reached your limit. Now it's time to pause. With the app’s restore feature, you can tap into guided meditations by yoga therapist Lisa Greenbaum to help restore your energy and manage your stress levels. You’ll return to your activities feeling refreshed and with your energy restored.


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