Breathing Meditation for Focus and Clarity

10 minutes


This is a short breath-based meditation to help improve our focus and clarity of mind. It can be used at any point in the day, perhaps before we need to be present for something important, or when doing more critical or creative-based work, or simply when we want to feel more alert and present. In this meditation, we explore both box breathing and alternate nostril breathing. Box breathing involves both a counted, elongated inhale and exhale as well as breath retention. Alternate nostril breathing has us distinctly inhaling or exhaling from one nostril at a time. Both of these breath practices bring harmony to our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems leaving us feeling calm and aware, focused and clear.

To practice this meditation, it will be best performed in a seated position with a tall spine. If you're sitting in a chair, please sit a little further forward on your chair so your spine is tall and both feet are placed firmly on the ground. Alternatively, you may choose to sit on the floor with your legs crossed in a comfortable position.

large fern leaves

Breathing Meditation for Anger

A breath-based meditation to help us dissolve feelings of anger and frustration.

15 minutes

dew on long leaves

Guided Meditation  Gratitude

A meditation designed to invoke gratitude and connection.

10 minutes

long hanging vines

Guided Meditation for Sleep

A deeply rested practice that involves a slow and methodical body scan.

20 minutes

looking up at the trees

Guided Meditation Grounding

A meditation to help bring us out of our head and back into our body.

20 minutes

Headshot of Lisa Greenbaum, Practicing Meditator and Yoga Therapist


Neurovine has partnered with Lisa Greenbaum, a practicing meditator and yoga therapist, who has designed these guided meditation exercises, especially for brain recovery.

Lisa has over 750 hours of Yoga Teacher Training education and has studied in Canada, the US, Australia, Bali, and India. She's also a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Lisa has been teaching group fitness and Yoga since 2001.

Read our conversation with Lisa here.