Neurovine App and Sensorband

The Bridge Between Concussion and Recovery.

Welcome to Neurovine, where concussion research is merging with accessible technology for the first time – giving players control over their own concussion recovery. 

Neurovine is developing technology to take the guesswork out of the return-to-play decision. And with the right tools, faster healing is possible.

Our solution consists of a wearable EEG Sensorband that monitors brain activity and sends it to your mobile app.

Football Player

Concussion is often called the invisible injury because it cannot be easily measured.

The invisible nature of concussion makes recovery difficult and frustrating. 

Currently, typical concussion return-to-play programs are based on vague and generic guidelines instead of being tailored to the player’s own brain.

In addition, physicians recommend activity after a concussion but too much mental or physical workload has been shown to cause symptoms and recovery regression. Athletes often find themselves on a rehabilitation tightrope, balancing between light recovery exercise and overexertion. 

This leaves many post-concussion players feeling isolated and unsure about how to move forward.


We are excited to offer sports teams the opportunity to try out the Neurovine solution, and at the same time, help us collect data that will help bring this technology to the masses. With the launch of the early adopter program, Neurovine has recently submitted an Investigational Testing Authorization through Health Canada to measure how the Neurovine platform can support concussion recovery.

Neurovine’s three-part Sports Concussion Program aims to help the entire team – coaches, players, and parents – build concussion knowledge and learn how to speed up the time to recovery and return to the game.


30-Minute Classroom Session

  • Concussion 101 – what you need to know.

  • About Neurovine – how the technology works.

  • Why it matters – the difference between standard return-to-play protocols and Neurovine’s personalized approach to recovery, tailored for individual players.


One-on-One with Participants

  • Our researcher will lead you through 90 minutes of standardized mental and physical tasks.

  • A comfortable EEG Sensorband records your brain’s activity during the session.

  • This gives us information on how your healthy brain functions.


One-on-One with Participants

  • In the unfortunate event that a player sustains a concussion, we will do another testing session within five days of the injury to compare the brain pre and post-injury.

  • The player is then given the mobile app and Sensorband to aid their recovery at home.

Team Huddle

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If you are a coach, parent, or player- we want to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about the Neurovine Sports Concussion Program and how we can join your team.

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Neurovine takes your safety and privacy seriously. Here is a brief outline of the protocols in place to both keep your data secure and you and the community safe.

  • Baseline testing is conducted one-on-one with a researcher, in a private setting at the Futuro clubhouse.

  • Participation is voluntary and all data will be kept confidential.

  • Must be 14-60 years of age.

  • All participants must sign an informed consent form for participating in research, co-signed by a parent if the participant is under 18.

  • All COVID-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to (e.g. wearing of masks, keeping a safe distance, hand hygiene, etc.).