Breathing Meditation to Dissolve Anger and Frustration

11 minutes


This is a breath-based meditation to help us dissolve feelings of anger and frustration. It can be used at any time whether our feelings are elevated, or we are looking to avoid elevated feelings. For this meditation, we will explore three breath practices. The first is single nostril breathing where we breathe in and out from our left nostril only. Left nostril breathing is connected to our right brain and is also correlated to our parasympathetic nervous system and feelings of ease and relaxation. The second breath practice is often referred to as the breath of fire and it involves a pumping action with the diaphragm. The benefit of this breath is actually to turn on our sympathetic nervous system but in a safe, regulated way. At the same time, we are releasing stagnant air from our lungs, improving breath capacity, and releasing pent-up energy. Our third breath takes us into a full three-part yoga-based breath where we focus on breath expansion, breathing in and out from our nose, and coming back to our parasympathetic state by activating our vagus nerve. 

To practice this meditation, it will be best performed in a seated position with a tall spine. If you're sitting in a chair, please sit a little further forward on your chair so your spine is tall and both feet are placed firmly on the ground. Alternatively, you may choose to sit on the floor with your legs crossed in a comfortable position.

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Headshot of Lisa Greenbaum, Practicing Meditator and Yoga Therapist


Neurovine has partnered with Lisa Greenbaum, a practicing meditator and yoga therapist, who has designed these guided meditation exercises, especially for brain recovery.

Lisa has over 750 hours of Yoga Teacher Training education and has studied in Canada, the US, Australia, Bali, and India. She's also a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Lisa has been teaching group fitness and Yoga since 2001.

Read our conversation with Lisa here.